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Callsign Name Base Location

A51B Glenn Johnson Decorah, IA USA

AE5E Ron Stordahl Thief River Falls, MN USA

GM8BPQ John Wiseman Skigersta, Isle of Lewis Scotland

K0DCW-9 Shirley Doree Motley, MN USA

KA0NWV-6  Pat Collins Karlstad, MN USA

KB0UGF Paul Spielman Twin Valley, MN USA

KC0VWN Gary Johnson Red Lake Falls, MN USA

KL7YL Vivien Johnson Decorah, IA USA

N0AWA Alfred Alten, Jr Badger, MN USA

N0ZFL-5 Tom Stinar Bemidji, MN USA

VE4GLS-14 Gord Snaar Morris, MB Canada

W0GJ Glenn Johnson Decorah, IA USA

W0RC-9 Al Doree Motley, MN USA

WB0WTI-5 Jim Hulteen Thief River Falls, MN USA

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This primitive web page was tossed together for APRS equipped hams to be used as an easy way to provide your location to friends. If the list grows, a better design will be needed.

If you would like to be added, contact: ronn5in-spot@yahoo.com