The DXSPOTS.COM, AE5E’s AR-Cluster, distributes World-Wide DX Spots and WWV Solar Activity announcements via the web at AE5E-WebCluster and via telnet at telnet://dxspots.com.  AX/IP, AX/UDP and AX/TCP access using BPQ32 is also available.  CC Cluster, as described at http://dxspots.net, is available at telnet://dxspots.net.




AR-Cluster User Manual


Your questions are likely addressed in the AR-Cluster V4 User Manual found at www.ab5k.net.


Setting and Viewing Your Filters via AE5E-Telnet


When you connect for the FIRST time to telnet://dxspots.com your filters will be set automatically to:


set/filter k,ve/pass         DX spots only from spotters in K and VE

set/filter dxbm/pass hf      Show HF including 12, 17, and 30 meter spots


You may view your currently effective filter options by typing: “show/filter”.


You may clear all your filters and receive everything by typing: “set/nofilter”.   After clearing your filters you may restore your filters::


            set/nofilter                 Removes all your filters

set/filter k,ve/pass         DX spots only from spotters in K and VE.

set/filter dxbm/pass hf      Show HF including 12, 17, and 30 meter spots

show/filter                  To confirm your settings


If you wish add 6 meters to the above you should substitute instead:


set/filter dxbm/pass hf,6-cw,6-ssb,6-fm    Show HF,30,17,12,and 6 meter spots


The commands must be issued in the sequence shown above in order to be effective!


Sending Test Spots


To verify the system is working you may issue a test spot using the special call TE1ST.  The test spot will echo back only to you, making you a considerate AR-Cluster user!


DX TE1ST 28050.0 This test spot echo’s only to me  


Setting and Viewing Your Filters via AE5E-WebCluster


The AE5E-WebCluster provides a convenient way to set and view all your account settings.  You must first disconnect if you are connected via telnet or packet, otherwise changes you make via the web interface will not be effective.  On the AE5E-WebCluster initial page, from the –Choose Page- drop down box select Account Settings and proceed to view or change all your settings, including filters.  When selecting multiple filters, for example K and VE, you must hold down the control key so that both K and VE will be highlighted.    These changes will apply to your next telnet or packet access to telnet://dxspots.com.


Setting and Viewing Your Filters via the CC User Program


VE7CC’s free CC User Program provides a full-featured telnet and packet interface to AR-Cluster, CC Cluster and DX Spider.  It will display your current filter setup and allow very easy entry of desired changes.  But this is just a small part of its amazing features.  There is a users group at CC Users.


Setting Up a Remote Radio Access Site For DX Spots

It is easy to provide spots by radio to your area if you have a full time Internet connection.

Phonetics List Large(doc) Large(pdf) Small(doc) Small(pdf)

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